EZ Start Clutch System

 There's an old saying about there being two kinds of "Staggerwing Beech" pilots -- Those who have ground-lopped and those who will. Now, there's a new saying about there being two kinds of RotorWay helicopter pilots -- those who have depleted their battery trying to get their engine started and those who will.Installed E Z Clutch System

Let's face it. You've got an ittsy-bittsy battery and a teeny-weeny starter motor that have to work together to "spin-up" the whole rotor system while also trying to get the engine to start, and frankly, they're not equal to the task. So, sooner or later (if you haven't already joined) you too will become a member of the have group. In accordance with Murphy's Law, this will occur at the most inopportune moment and will invariably cause the most inconvenience and/or embarassement. Probably just when you and your friend are preparing to depart some remote hill-top or babbling brook-side and head to the hanger.

In the picture above the clutch system is the belt system seen under the main rotor drive.

Starting the engine alone is well within the capabilities of the battery and starter motor -- but only so long as the rotor system is disengaged. Now I ask you, why should the battery and starter motor struggle with the load of turning the rotor when that has nothing to do with starting the engine?

PRO-DRIVE, INC., the leader in innovative technology for improving RotorWay helicopters, has the answer. The E Z START CLUTCH SYSTEM is a system that disengages the engine from the rotor system. This permits starting the engine at an idle RPM setting and allows a smooth "turbine-like" spin-up of the rotor system. (If you never been around a RotorWay with the E Z START CLUTCH SYSTEM as it starts, it is startling to hear that engine start up!)

As soon as the engine starts, a quick push on a spring loaded rocker-switch smoothly starts the rotors on their merry, spinning way. A few more pushes on the rocker-switch and the rotors are fully and smoothly engaged; the system then goes into an over-center drive-lock mode. The electrically powered PRO-DRIVE E Z START CLUTCH SYSTEM provides unencumbered starting of the engine followed by incrementally engaging the rotor system by a series of short touches of a switch. Once the clutch is fully engaged, it becomes "safety-locked" so that even a total loss of electrical power will not cause disengagement of the rotor system.

The E Z START CLUTCH SYSTEM is another example of the PRO-DRIVE dedication to making your RotorWay the best, the safest, the most efficient and the most trouble-free helicopter in the world. The E Z START CLUTCH SYSTEM is provided as a complete kit, containing all parts and instructions required for a successful installation. There is nothing else to chase down and buy. The E Z START CLUTCH SYSTEM can be easily installed over a weekend utilizing the same tools and skills you employed in building your "dream machine".

Another Pro-Drive improvement for your RotorWay is a fully welded, hardened, and tempered swing arm that includes a vibration damping bushing.  This is a great improvement over the stock design that has seen a number of failures in the field.





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