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John Spurling's business career began as a building contractor in the Tulsa area. Success in this endeavor led to his becoming district manager for Sears home improvement products in Little Rock, AR. For the last 15 years John has been a successful insurance broker in Tulsa.

During all of these years John always maintained a strong love for flying. As a hobbyist he has built and certified 3 aircraft. And now, as a professional designer, he has helped others with the building of 6 RotorWay helicopters.

With the announcement and wide spread success of the Pro-Drive Inc. Main Rotor Drive System, John is now an established leader in providing more efficient, safer products and systems in RotorWay Helicopters. His career now matches his love for flying and is proud that he is able to help and assist other builder/pilots increase their security and flying pleasure while reducing maintenance requirements. Please review our page on products under development. It is our goal to always help improve the safety, efficiency, reduced maintenance and ease of operation for all RotorWay builder/pilots. We will continue to provide you with new, improved products and services.

Watch this web site for "Fly Ins" we will be attending. This will give you an opportunity to attend and make first hand evaluation of his products and to personally ask John any and all questions that you have.

For those of you who have not attended one of John's own "fly ins" in October of each year, please feel free to call John for a visit if you are seriously considering the purchase of any of his products. He has a lovely, scenic home and business established at the Lake Keystone Airport overlooking beautiful Lake Keystone.

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