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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1

How many flying hours does Pro-Drive recommend before replacement or maintenance is necessary for the Main Rotor Drive System?


PRO-DRIVE, INC. at this time believes that the Main Rotor Drive pulley's will last the life of the aircraft. The cog belt's currently estimated life is about 1000 hours. However, every responsible builder/pilot should inspect the belt as part of his routine preflight check procedure.


Q 2

I have heard that aircrafts with the PRO-DRIVE, INC. after market products installed are uninsurable. Is that true?


Apparently the insurance company recommended and used by RotorWay has declined to insure the helicopters with any after market products installed on them.

The following Independent Insurance Agent offers affordable insurance to RotorWay builder/owners. He accepts all PRO-DRIVE System Improvements with no problem.

Raymond Baril Agency
1-800-618-2555 for toll free access in the continental U.S.
1-514-899-6077 if you are outside the U.S.



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